First snow, first post

Today we got this seasons first snow here in Stockholm. Looking at the snowflakes falling made me think of what a colleague told me once:

“Our own knowledge are like snowflakes, but together we are an avalanche”

This is one of the reasons me (Jonas) and Magnus are creating the content on this blog, trying to get more information out there about current technologies, problems and solutions. Together with the great fellow writers we have across the world, we hope to bring some clarity into what virtualization is and how it can help you, how “Cloud” can get your business running more smoothly, and how small tools can get administrators happy.

And, to show that we’re really using the technologies ourselves, this blog is running on a virtual machine running in Terremark’s vCloud Express environment. And we have to say, it’s been a really nice ride so far 🙂

About Jonas Rosland

Open Source Community Manager at VMware
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