My VCAP-DCD Experience

I recently did a post about my VCAP-DCA experience, and I thought I’d continue the series with an update with my VCAP-DCD experience. So here it is!

VCAP-DCD is a lot different than the VCAP-DCA when studying for it. When looking through the Exam Blueprint, you’ll find this: “The VDCD410 exam contains 113 questions. The items include a mixture of multiple-choice, drag-and-drop items and design items using an in-exam design tool.”. So no Live Lab as is the case with VCAP-DCA, and this fact made me both happy and worried. Happy because there wouldn’t be a whole lot of pure configuration questions, and worried because I thought it would mostly be a reiteration of the VCP exam. But then I found the Exam UI Demo, and that took away my worries 🙂 Basically, the in-exam design tool is where your design skills will be tested properly, and it’s a lot of fun.

I am not allowed to say which questions are in the exam, but I wholeheartedly agree with Fabio from P2V It! that “this exam is definitely a big step forward in the right direction, and on top of that I had a feeling that the VCAP-DCD blueprint was covered at almost 100%”.

The exam is 4 hours long, and that is a bit long for just answering questions, but it’s doable. I don’t feel that I had to manage my time during this exam as I had for the VCAP-DCA one, I actually had a lot of time left when I was finished. All in all, a fun exam to do, pretty challenging and well worth the time and effort put into studying for it.

So, I got some questions regarding what material I used when studying for the exam, I already knew a lot of the stuff on the blueprint, but of course I utilized some online material as well:

TheSaffaGeek <- Great list for both DCA and DCD, highly recommended!


And I really enjoyed these VCAP-DCD experience stories as well:

P2V It!

Eric Sloof

Final note: Yes, I passed this one as well 🙂 Now onto VCDX!

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