VMware View Setup – Step by Step Guides – Module 4

The next step in the VMware View Lab Setup Guides will show you how to finalize the configuration of VMware View and deploy your first virtual desktops! From this point on you should understand how to play around with more advanced settings, deploy different types of virtual desktop pools, manage different users and groups and be able to enjoy the work you’ve done 🙂

For this module there is just one PDF:

Training module 4 – Configuration of VMware View

Have fun, and as always please comment or send me a tweet @virtualswede if you find it valuable or if you see anything wrong!

About Jonas Rosland

Open Source Community Manager at VMware
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1 Response to VMware View Setup – Step by Step Guides – Module 4

  1. Rui RIbeiro says:

    Thanks… perfect guide and nice set up.

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