What’s all this about VSPEX?

If you missed the announcement, please have a look here for the announcement video.
So what is it then? Well, from the announcement website one can read that it is

“an offering that dramatically simplifies deployment of private cloud. You’ll get more choices, more simplicity, and more efficiency with which to quickly deploy your virtual infrastructure.”

Ok, that’s awesome! Giving us more choices, more simplicity, and more efficiency. But what’s in it? And how does it work?

EMC VSPEX is a fully Proven Infrastructure Solution that gives you, the customer, a choice of what you need to fully build Private Clouds, Virtual Desktop Environments and more. This is made possible by a broad Alliance Partnership with great partners such as VMware, Microsoft, Cisco, Brocade, Citrix and Intel. This means that you will have Proven Solutions from these partners regarding a variety of solutions, such as both VMware and Microsoft Private Clouds, or VDI using either VMware or Citrix as your favourite VDI vendor.

These solutions will give you, the customer:

  • A faster deployment for your entire virtual infrastructure
  • More simplicity as all the pre-validation work has been done for you
  • Higher efficiency as you will be able to utilize the entire infrastructure to their maximum
  • Unprecedented flexibility in vendor choice

3 Ways to Cloud Infrastructure

Many customers that I’ve met lately are looking to deploy virtual infrastructures but are not yet ready to standardize on a fully converged infrastructure. With VSPEX, customers are offered a way to expedite time to value by working with channel partners to deploy proven and pre-validated solutions while preserving the flexibility to pick the right components for their infrastructure.

Maybe you think this sounds a bit like a Reference Architecture? Well, not really. VSPEX takes the customer experience of deploying Reference Architectures to a new level by offering pre-validated solutions delivered by partners that are easy to consume by customers.

Customers that usually consider leveraging Reference Architectures do so because of the possibility to gain the flexibility to pick and choose the best of breed components. However, in doing so, they give up the simplicity of the solution. With VSPEX, EMC is delivering proven infrastructures that deliver the benefit of ease of deployment while maintaining choice for customers.

They’re simple, efficient, flexible, and pre-validated. VSPEX takes time and cost out of deploying data center infrastructure while increasing service levels through their proven performance.

For partners the VSPEX Proven Infrastructure Solutions will mean more business opportunities because of the flexibility of the solutions, faster sales cycle and deployment (which will also benefit the customer), and VSPEX Labs! Let’s see, what else is there… Oh! Of course! The VSPEX will be Partner Brandable! Just look at that…

Partner Branded VSPEX

So, what’s left to say about the VSPEX? Well, call your local partner or EMC representative and have discussion regarding how EMC and the great partner alliance around the VSPEX can help you in achieving a faster, better virtual infrastructure for your Private Cloud needs.


About Jonas Rosland

Open Source Community Manager at VMware
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