Going to Cisco Live in London this week? Don’t miss out on all the cool stuff!

If you’re one of the lucky ~4000 people who’ll attend Cisco Live in London this week, I hope you’ll enjoy it to the fullest. Make sure you go to interesting sessions, attend cool vendor demos in the exhibition center, and network with your peers/idols/fans.


EMC is a Platinum Sponsor for this weeks event, and as such we a have HUGE booth right by the entrance to the exhibition hall with 8 different areas fully stocked with experts wanting to talk to you:

Workstation 1 & 2: Cloud transforms IT Infrastructure
Workstation 3: Cloud transforms ITaaS
Workstation 4: Big Data transforms Business
Workstation 5: Trust Transforms Cloud
Workstation 6: Cloud Services
Workstation 7: Get connected with EMC (Social media workstation)
Workstation 8: EMC Digital Collateral Kiosk

To make it easy for you to keep track of all the cool stuff that we do at Cisco Live, EMC have a Community site up at https://community.emc.com/community/events/cisco_live, please have a look there for content, discussions and latest news.

Also, we’ll have presentations on how you can Transform IT+Business+Yourself running throughout the day with drawings for t-shirts and Apple TVs (awesome device IMHO).


Btw, ever wondered what a Vblock or a VSPEX actually looks line? Not only do we have real hardware on the floor, we also have an interactive screen where you can easily move, remove, add, change and zoom in on all the hardware that makes up those converged infrastructures. Come touch it yourself!

We also have a bunch of great speaking slots, make sure you don’t miss out on the ones you’re really interested in:


Date: Jan. 30 – 16:30-17:30
Title: EMC & Cisco: Transforming mission-critical business continuity
Speaker: Oliver Shorey (EMC UK  @shorestor)
Cisco Live Session # BRKSPS-2503


Date: Jan. 31 – 11:30-12:30
Title: VSPEX transforms IT
Speaker: Gil Shneorson, EMC  & Richard Flanders, MTI Technology


Date: Jan. 30 –  15:00-16:00
Title: Transform your Data Center with EMC VSPEX and Cisco Technology
Speaker: Josh Mello  (@joshmello)
Product: VSPEX
Registration page: http://ow.ly/gRhbf

At the Cisco stand:

Date: Jan. 31 – 10:45-11:00
Title: Transform your Data Center with EMC VSPEX and Cisco Technology
Speaker: Josh Mello  (@joshmello)
Product: VSPEX

At the VCE stand:

Dates: Jan 29 at 11:30 and Jan 30 at 10:30
Title: EMC Backup and Recovery
Speaker: Mark Galpin (@markgalpin)

At the LSI stand:

Title: EMC, LSI and Cisco’s combine to deliver best-of- breed solution for server flash caching
Speaker: Simon Stevens  (@EMCFlashHeart)
At the EMC Booth we’ll also have Social Meetups during the event, dates, times and subject for these are:

Jan. 29:  Josh Mello – VSPEX (12:00-12:30)
Jan. 30: Simon Stevens – EMC Flash Strategy  (12:00- 12:30) and     Gary Owen (VMware) – Why your VDI Platform choice matters  (14:00-14:30)
Jan. 31: Roberto Barbero (VMware) – Delivering The Efficiencies Of Virtualisation To Business Critical Applications  (14:00-14:30)

Hope to see you on the show floor!

About Jonas Rosland

Open Source Community Manager at VMware
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