EMC World 2013 – Best one yet?


I’ve spent the last week in Vegas, meeting incredible people and learning a lot at this year’s amazing EMC World. Amazing, just like every year, but always a bit different. Time for an EMC World 2013 wrap-up don’t you think?

Let’s start with some interesting numbers:

For the event, 93 trucks holding 604,335 lbs arrived with stuff. All that stuff filled 2.25 Million sq ft space, which also included 3.4 miles network cables. The 15,000 attendees booked 42,618 hotel nights, drank 174,480 cups of coffee, walked on average 5,523 steps or 2.3 miles a day, looked at 8,768 PowerPoint slides and listened to the keynote sessions through a 190,000 Watt PA system. There were over 500 breakout sessions covering everything that EMC and it’s partners can deliver, and at the same time there were 31 Hands-On Labs where all attendees could have a closer look at all the cool tech that was announced throughout the week.

EMC World 2013 Hands-On Labs

And of course, some social media badge hacking was done as well 🙂

EMC World 2013 Badge Hack

During the first keynote sessions, Joe Tucci welcomed and thanked us all, customers, partners, employees, and then laid out the strategy for EMC going forward.

This strategy is very focused on enabling customers to run their own Software-Defined DataCenter (SDDC) by leveraging the intelligence built into today’s and tomorrow’s smarter hardware, abstracting the management to easier create services that consume virtual resources.

Leverage Intelligence

One of the biggest announcements at EMC World this year was definitely around Software-Defined Storage and a product called ViPR that makes it all possible. It abstracts the heterogenous management for different storage functions like block, file and object, and ties it all together into a single API with integrations to VMware, Microsoft and OpenStack (and yes, a GUI is of course available too). We’ve already done two blog posts on ViPR here and here so please go there for more information on it.

Software-Defined Storage

Another interesting “announcement” was the view of EMC’s four brands. At the top level is EMC², with EMC II, VMware, RSA and Pivotal as separate brands that are free to execute their own missions, but still are strategically aligned. I think it’s great to see that this strategy is working well for all four brands, and that it’s still the strategy going forward.

EMCs four brands with photos

As you might have noticed EMC has a new member of the family, Pivotal. Announced in late April, Pivotal’s mission is to take customers on their journey for a new platform for their Big Data, Fast Data and New Apps with full Cloud Independence. The last part is very crucial, as Pivotal wants to make sure customers can use any Cloud available or already in use, be it a VMware Private Cloud, AWS, OpenStack or something else. Pivotal is owned by EMC, VMware and GE, where GE sees Pivotal as a crucial part for their telemetry data collection of all their future products like jet engines, trains, PACS and so on. Now THAT is really cool!

Pivotal One Fabric Ingredients

In parallel to EMC World there was also a conference for SEs, including partner SEs. All in all, we were approximately 3000 people at the SE Conference, where 500+ were from partners! During this part of the conference, SEs from all EMCs partners were invited to join us in separate keynotes where they got the opportunity to participate in full transparency discussions with our top-level management, and technical breakouts (some of them NDA). More info on what you could see this year can be found at Chad Sakac’s blog post here. If you’re an EMC/VMware/RSA/Pivotal partner, you should definitely be there next year!

Outside the keynotes and breakout sessions there were also a large Solutions Pavilion, where the superhero theme was very prominent (I LOVE superheroes, so I thought it was really cool :)). Some of the figures you could find there were Captain Scaleout (Isilon Hero!) and the X-Men, and there were a lot of games/contests where you could win everything from iPads to Syncplicity-branded sneakers. A great number of our partners were there to show off their solutions and how they integrate with the four brands on EMC, very cool to see that it wasn’t all focused on the storage part of EMC but rather the SDDC.

Jonas Rosland and X-Men

Another area where a lot of interesting things happened were over at the (HUGE!!!) EMC Square Social Media space. EMC TV were livestreaming interviews with a ton of interesting people, there were performances done by magicians and gymnasts, places where you could get your photo taken as a “DataCenter Hero” and more.

EMC Square Social Space

One part where I spent a lot of time as well was in the Blogger’s Space, where there were a dedicated space for all the EMC Elects (fancy!). The EMC Elects that attended EMC World were also invited for a tour of the SuperNAP in Las Vegas, the world largest and most powerful datacenter, so if you needed another reason why to get yourself listed as an EMC Elect, there you go 🙂 Want to enlist as an EMC Elect? Add yourself or nominate someone you think should be on this list here.
So, what else happens in the Blogger’s Space during events like this? Well, mostly extremely interesting discussions with focused people, and to mention a few I’d like to point out @CommsNinja, @mjbrender, @colinmcnamara and @VirtualChappy. There are more but I won’t make this into an #FF post 🙂

Jonas Rosland DataCenter Hero
Other stuff that happened in the EMC Square Social Media space were several recordings of #EngineersUnplugged, and of course a ton of whiteboarding between customers, partners, bloggers and employees. It was pure awesome 🙂

To end this great EMC World 2013, we had Bruno Mars rockin’ it for a special private performance for all of us on Wednesday night, and MAN that was a great show. The whole band really filled the room and everyone in it with a ton of energy, and everyone really pitched in with singing, dancing and jumping around 🙂

Bruno Mars at EMC World 2013

Lastly, I’d like to extend a thank you to all the attending customers, partners and employees, you made it all an awesome experience for me and my colleagues and friends. So THANK YOU!

EMC World Thank You

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