LeapMotion unboxing and quick review

Today I got a really nice surprise when I got to the office, our LeapMotion devices had been delivered! Yes, I ordered eight of them and no, not all are for me 🙂


LeapMotion is a small and incredible smart device that creates a virtual air space where it can detect your hand and finger movements and translate that into controlling apps on your PC or Mac. A really nice intro video is at their website here.

So I thought I’d share with you a few pictures of the unboxing of the LeapMotion devices and a quick review after using it for a few hours.


The LeapMotion comes in Apple-esque packaging, very neat and thought through. You get the device itself and two USB cables, one short for what I would guess is mostly laptop use and one long to make it easy to use even if your computer is located far from your screen. The picture below will get you a feel of the size of the device, it’s very small but feels very rigid. It also has a rubber bottom which makes sure it stays put on pretty much any surface.


To start using it you install the software that you download from their website and plug it in. Automatically an introduction to the device will start and walk you through some of the features such as where you can use your hand, what the device sees and how you click & draw using gestures.


My colleague Mattias Söderberg is trying out LeapMotion and you can easily see the level of detail in the hands that the device is detecting.

After the introduction is done you’ll create an account for the Airspace Store, where you can easily find LeapMotion-enabled apps and purchase them. Some are free, and the rest are pretty cheap. I would highly recommend the free app “Touchless” for both Mac and Windows to control your mouse pointer and scroll wheel using normal hand gestures, and the app “Exoplanet” which guides you around the universe and gives you a great look at all the planets and exoplanets that we have discovered so far. It’s beautiful!

Screen Shot 2013-07-25 at 2.35.41 PM

The Airspace Store

The feel of the device is astounding. It’s very easy to use and you get used to it pretty quickly. Scrolling, zooming and clicking might feel a bit awkward when you start using it, but apps that are designed with LeapMotion support are a charm to use.

Right now I’m hoping for more applications to come out with LeapMotion support, and if you’d like one yourself just head to their website and order one 🙂

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Open Source Community Manager at VMware
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