New role – New location

As most of you readers know, I’ve been a part of the vSpecialist team at EMC for almost exactly 3 full years now. It’s been an amazing ride, lots of interesting challenges and changes in the industry, I’ve met extremely smart people (one actual rocket scientist!) and had more fun than I could ever imagine when I first reached out to Chad Sakac after his blog post about the team getting together. It was especially the last part that got me hooked, which still rings true today for the EMC presale teams:

If you are passionate about these technologies, good in front of people, like working hard when it’s something you believe in, and feel like we’re at the cusp of a wave of technological change – I want to know you.

So I sent him an email, and a few months later I joined the ranks as a vSpecialist covering EMEA North. Thanks Chad, Wade O’Harrow, and Bertrand LaLanne for building an awesome tribe!

And now it’s time for something new and exciting again 🙂

As a few of you already know, I will transition to a new role soon to become a part of something called the Open Innovations Lab team at the Office of the CTO. At OIL, I’ll be engaging customers, partners and EMC business units to create first in kind solutions that we see a need for in the market, that will then end up in our customers’ environments to solve their challenging problems. In the team I’ll be joining former vSpecialists Ed Walsh and Jim Ruddy, among others. Ed actually did a really nice writeup on what the OIL team does and how you can utilize us if you have a problem but no solution here:

When doing this role transition I will also relocate together with my wife to Boston, so some of you will have me close by and for some of you I will be further away. If you live or happen to be near the Boston area be sure to let me know all the places you’d recommend for eating/coffee/cinema/outings/astronomy/arcade/etc 🙂 

I’m looking forward to letting everyone reading this know of all the cool solutions we’re building at the Open Innovations Lab, and be sure to reach out if you think we can help you.

About Jonas Rosland

Open Source Community Manager at VMware
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8 Responses to New role – New location

  1. Congrats, Jonas! Well, except on the moving to Boston part. 😉

  2. erinkbanks says:

    Can’t wait to start hanging out with you in Boston!!! Let me know when you get here

  3. Johan Robinson says:

    Really awesome! Boston is such a nice city – will be great for you and your wife!
    Good luck, whish you all the best. Keep on posting, love the work you’ve done so far.

  4. Jonas Rosland says:

    Thanks everyone, really looking forward to it and to working with you all in my new role and location!

  5. Martin Sundström says:

    Grattis Jonas, bra jobbat 🙂 Det kommer ju bli coolt som helst!!!! 🙂

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