EMC ScaleIO – The new kid on the Elastic Converged Storage Block

ScaleIO delivers something that’s all the rage right now, namely a highly scalable storage solution for things like web scale apps, databases and virtual desktops. ScaleIO ECS is software that uses application servers to create an elastic, scalable and resilient virtual SAN at a fraction of the cost and complexity of traditional storage solutions.

ScaleIO is really easy to implement, as it can be installed on both new and existing servers, not only dedicated storage servers but real servers that also run databases, hypervisors or other applications. These servers can then aggregate their disk capacity and performance into a large pool of elastic storage. Adding new storage capacity and compute resources can be done on the fly without any downtime.

ScaleIO can scale out to thousands of servers, making it possible to have a wall-to-wall resilient storage solution. Storage capacity and compute power grow incrementally. When necessary, you can add a single device for increased storage or a multitude of servers for business growth.

ScaleIO also provides:

  • Writeable snapshots, where instant copies can be created with full performance
  • Multi-tenancy, with segregation of data using data at rest encryption
  • Multi-tiering, using PCIe Flash, SSD & HDD to create multiple tiers, and auto-rebalance the tiers to optimise performance and resource usage when new capacity is added
  • Quality of Service, with the possibility of limiting IOPS per application
  • Mesh mirroring, protecting the stored data against node failure

To handle a storage system at this scale, ScaleIO also have a massive I/O parallelism, where parts of an application’s data can be spread out across all nodes in a ScaleIO cluster, giving a huge performance increase compared to a single storage array. All servers participate in the I/O workload, generating massively parallel performance with high bandwidth. When you add servers and storage to the system, performance increases, and ScaleIO rapidly rebuilds and rebalances the data.

ScaleIO can be used in several different setups, one being the use of a client software on the applications servers, and a storage software on the storage nodes.

What’s really cool though is when you blend them together, letting all your application servers also being storage servers:

Just imagine the possibilities of scale in your already existing application server environment!

ScaleIO is hardware agnostic to the server and storage resources. It may be installed on physical or virtual environments and supports CentOS, RedHat, ESX, SuSe, and Xen. Version 1.20 was recently released and can be used in your production environment already today!

To download the ScaleIO code and documentation, please visit https://support.emc.com/products/33925_ScaleIO.

Please also join the ScaleIO Community, your central location for information and discussions on ScaleIO, on http://one.emc.com/clearspace/community/active/scaleio.

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