EMC is now a part of the Puppet Labs Supported program

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Disclaimer: EMC is a proud member of the Puppet Supported Program. These are my thoughts and not necessarily those of my employer.

I work at EMC which is a federation of well-known brand names; VMware, RSA, Pivotal & EMC II, and they all have the same goal: the Software-Defined Data Center. It’s become a real buzzword these last two years where anyone who’s anyone within the IT industry is embracing the SDDC; all our competitors and partners, and our joint customers, and I’d like to explain my take on it. I see cloud as the operational function of being able to be agile with data center resources, and SDDC being the technical implementation to make sure you can actually deliver on the promises made by that operational model.

I’ve published a blog over at Puppet Labs about the tools, technology and methodology we can use to make this evolution happen, go read it there 🙂

About Jonas Rosland

Open Source Community Manager at VMware
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