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Creating a community and social media dashboard using Dashing and

Last year I showed some people on Twitter and over at EMC World how you can create a cool dashboard with Dashing that shows a ton of stuff from an infrastructure perspective, and it was well received. A little over a month … Continue reading

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New role, new responsibilities, same face

It’s that time of year again! Well not really, but it’s that time of my career at least. For those of you keeping track I’ve been at EMC now for a bit over 4 years. I was part of the … Continue reading

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Server locality using Razor and LLDP

Recently I had a discussion with a great customer where they wondered if there was a smart and automated way of deploying operating systems together with applications. Of course, I said, you can use Razor and Puppet for those things. However, they wanted a … Continue reading

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EMC is now a part of the Puppet Labs Supported program

Disclaimer: EMC is a proud member of the Puppet Supported Program. These are my thoughts and not necessarily those of my employer. I work at EMC which is a federation of well-known brand names; VMware, RSA, Pivotal & EMC II, and they all … Continue reading

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Summary: High performance Splunk with VMware on top of EMC ScaleIO and Isilon

I recently did a project involving several moving parts, including Splunk, VMware vSphere, Cisco UCS servers, EMC XtremSF cards, ScaleIO and Isilon. The project goal was to verify the functionality and performance of EMC storage together with Splunk. The results of … Continue reading

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Free ScaleIO licenses for EMC Elect!

Yes, it’s true. The EMC Elect, the community-driven recognition for individuals that have provided help, support and been generally awesome people around EMC and its products, will now be getting free ScaleIO licenses. You might have read about ScaleIO on … Continue reading

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My IT predictions for 2014

Disclaimer: These are my predictions, not those of my employer. And yeah, I might be a bit late to the 2014 predictions, still wanted to share though. During 2013, a lot changed on the playing field of IT. Software-Defined Everything … Continue reading

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Splunk on VMware and EMC ScaleIO – A quick index performance test

The last few weeks I’ve been getting acquainted with Splunk, a powerful tool for searching, analysing and visualising logs and events that happen in your infrastructure, live application performance and any type of machine generated data. I read the performance blog … Continue reading

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Automate a ScaleIO lab setup with Vagrant and VirtualBox

If you’ve read the other blog posts on ScaleIO you might be interested in running it yourself. However, you might not have your own hardware lab to run it on, but you do have a laptop or desktop, right? Awesome! … Continue reading

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Microsoft SQL server testing with ScaleIO on VMware

What ScaleIO is and how it works has been covered in earlier blog posts here, here, here and here, and this post is a follow-up with some of the performance testing we did with Microsoft SQL server on top of … Continue reading

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