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Summary: High performance Splunk with VMware on top of EMC ScaleIO and Isilon

I recently did a project involving several moving parts, including Splunk, VMware vSphere, Cisco UCS servers, EMC XtremSF cards, ScaleIO and Isilon. The project goal was to verify the functionality and performance of EMC storage together with Splunk. The results of … Continue reading

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Add a local vSphere ESXi user without using the vSphere GUI

So while hacking away at a demo I wanted to create a local user on my vSphere ESXi box, and got frustrated that according to all the documentation out there I had to use the vSphere GUI (or vicfg) to … Continue reading

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Splunk on VMware and EMC ScaleIO – A quick index performance test

The last few weeks I’ve been getting acquainted with Splunk, a powerful tool for searching, analysing and visualising logs and events that happen in your infrastructure, live application performance and any type of machine generated data. I read the performance blog … Continue reading

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How to install ScaleIO in a VMware environment – Part 2

To continue our setup of ScaleIO, we’ll need to go through the full installation using the files and scripts you’ve already copied over to the ScaleIO VMs in the previous part of this how to. There are two common ways … Continue reading

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VMware View Failover Automation – Solved!

Last week I spent some time talking to a partner, ByteLife, about a solution that they’ve created for a customer. The customer needed an automated failover solution for their VMware View environment and this is the story on how they … Continue reading

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EMC ViPR give your SDDC superpowers

Its no news that IT operations are transforming with the help of software. VMware talk about the Software Defined Datacenter and how everything is becoming Software Defined. What do this mean in a storage context and how does EMC ViPR … Continue reading

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Install VMware ESXi 5.1 automatically using Razor

Once again, Razor comes to the rescue for all of you who’d like to automate the installations of VMware ESXi 5.1 that was just publically released. If you already have a Razor environment up and running you can dive right … Continue reading

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Deploying VMware ESXi on your HP MicroServer automatically with Razor

Also posted on Simon Seagrave’s Razor is a cool new deployment tool for your entire server infrastructure. It’s has been and is still being developed as a joint venture between EMC and Puppetlabs (who also make the amazing open source … Continue reading

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Installing vCenter 5 on Windows 2008

VMware vCenter 5 comes in two flavours, one that is an “all-included” virtual appliance, and one that is a regular Windows installation package. I would like to take the opportunity to show you how to install the new version of … Continue reading

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