Here I’d like to share my list of things that help me out a lot when traveling, be it hardware, software or just something neat. The things are listed in no particular order, mostly just the order I remember them in. I might add more as I see fit.

Let’s start with hardware:

  • Logitech R400 – If it wasn’t for this great wireless presenter I would have ran multiple marathons inside conference rooms by now, just to press “Next Slide”. Great, sleek design, feel just great in the hand, and it always works!
  • iPhone/iPad – Just awesome, if filled the right apps. More on that below.
  • Logitech M570 – Wireless Trackball. I know that trackballs are not for everyone, but I’ve used them for years since I got a shoulder injury and I still wanted to be able to play RTS. No wires + no hurting shoulders/elbows = Yummy 🙂


  • TripIt – Keeping all the information about my travel arrangements have never been easier. If you’ve never tried it, sign up a free account now!
  • Tweetdeck – Amazing Twitter client for the desktop.
  • Spotify – OMG Music! Get a huge load of music streaming for free! If you want the ad-free version you just pay a small fee (so worth it). You can use it on your iPhone/Android as well, and when on those devices you can even save playlists to your phone, meaning you can listen to great music while even on a plane/train/bus/locked up in a server room! Now also available in the US 🙂
  • Evernote – Keep your documents synced across different computers and devices, invaluable if you want to read up on a presentation before a meeting but not really feel like pulling up your large laptop in a crowded area.
  • Pulse – Great app/website to easily get news from a lot of different sources without hassle.
  • Flipboard – Another really cool news-app for your iPad, you should really have a look at it!
  • Kindle – While on the road, why not read up on your favourite books, such as this, this and this?

For some more views into great iPad apps, have a read on @vTexan‘s great blog post about this subject.

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